Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cordon del Plata

I decided to take a 5 night side trip in th emountains while i wait for Steve to arrives as i finished well ahead of my origional schedule .

I went camping at 4200 m in the Cordon del Plata ( cord of silver) mountains .

Litlle did i know that the weather was going to turn and even th elocals were very suprised at the sudden storm that brought hail , snow and rain .

I stuck it out at camp Salto ( 4200 m ) and on the second last day with a a clear sky but a few inches of snow on the ground  i trekke dup to camp hoyyado ( 4600 m ) with 4 others who had stuck it out at Salto .

Nestor , Lucas and there freind were going to try fopr peak vallecitos (5300 m) , richard ( no me ) was going to see if he could get to 5000 m and  i was just going to tag along until at least hoyyado .

At hoyyado i decided to turn back as i was th eonly one wearing new ballance running shoes with home made wire crampons and i thought my toes were going to fall off .

Richard offerred to come down with me but i said i would go it alone and my crampons worked like a charm . ( they eventually fell to pieces th enext morning but had served there purpose.

below are a few photos with captions .

Nestor examining my tent at first camp ( las vegas) at 3200 meters

thats where i am heading 

A cross at Piedre grande ( big stones) at 3600 m 

nice a misty at Piedre Grande 

My tent in the foreground and the other Richard whom i met on th emountain in the back ground 


not so cloudy 

Arrival at Camp Salta  4200 m 

weather looks like it might turn , i dunno i am not a expert .

and turn it did , wind , hail , snow and rain all in one night , this  was the paterrn for the three nights at salto

Loving it 

My home made crampons that would get me to hoyyado at 4600 m 

every body who was in camp salta including a priest , straight after this picture they all descend except fotr 5 of us 

more crampons , the guys in camp loved them .

At camp hoyyado 4600 m

mucho snow

me in my proffesional mountain gear .

Sh....t my toes are cold ...brrrrrr

what a view 

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  1. Waauw Richard! You made it!!! Me and Thibault are back home since 3 weeks now and from time to time still think about our trip to cueva de las manos together. Hope you are well and good luck beating Steve on the Aconcagua! Take care!
    Emily & Thibault, Belgium